KTS InfoMate: Digital Signage Solutions

KTS InfoMate
is designed and developed in such a way that it can be extended to suit the requirement of any organizations. Whether you are looking for a Digital Signage Solutions to small enterprise or large corporates , KTS InfoMate will be able to easily meet your requirements with little or no customizations.

If you are having an existing Digital Signage Infrastructure , the chances are that our software will be able to easily leverage your existing investment thereby reducing the cost to a minimum.

The links and different scenarios below will give you an idea about how KTS InfoMate Digital Signage software solutions will be able to suit the requirement of different organizations .

We will be updating this page with links for each heading. Each page will also provide with a video on how to configure and use KTS InfoMate to use it for a specific business/usage scenario.

KTS InfoMate usage scenarios

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