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Chalkboards have been one of the definitive feature of a classroom for over hundred years.

Then came the whiteboard. But now all this are stories of the past.Cconvensionsal methods are getting replaced when the concept ‘Smart classroom’ was introduced.

What is a smart classroom?

As the name says a smart classroom is ‘smart’ in every aspect. Its equipped with projectors, LED displays , high speed internet connection , advanced sound system etc.A smart class room opens up the opportunity for interactive learning. It will be more easy and interesting  for the students to grasp if they are taught with the help of graphics and other medias. For example in a physics class the teacher is dealing with a topic ‘Thermodynamics’. Along with referring texts ,teachers can just Google it and get related videos. Displaying of an animated video related to a particular topic will help the student to learn each and every minute details of the topic in less time.

Why KTS Infomate?

Infomate is designed in such a way that it can meet any of the requirements which a Smart Classroom demands. Infomate-digital signage software is capable of playing any kind of media files. It can be used as a powerful video conferencing tool so that faculties from distant places can interact with students easily. The built in cctv feature helps the school authorities to monitor each and every corner of the school every time. And , a teacher using his smart phone can control the device easily. So basically ,it will save a lot more time and energy of teacher, enhance the learning experience of students etc.

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