KTS InfoMate : Digital Signage Software for Video conferencing

KTS InfoMate can not only be used as a digital notice board, but can also be used as a Video conferencing tool . Because of the powerful video conferencing features that are integrated into KTS Infomate, this is one of the unique products available in the market that have a configurable video conferencing feature. 

Some of the other related scenarios where KTS InfoMate will be useful are give below.

I. Live streaming.

Live streaming of video can be done through Infomate, no matter how many are involved. Just turn on your Infomate, customize it for your video conferencing requirements  and that’s it. No complications and very simple to use.

Unlike old days all are connected to high speed internet connections now. Talking to someone In some other continent is no more a big deal. So here is the importance of signage software like Infomate. Its just stands as a simple , easy to use solution .

II.Why Infomate ?.

Next question will be ‘Why infomate ? ’. Well, many  software’s are available in market for the purpose of video conferencing. Most of them in a predefined format like a one – to- one connection. But in the case of infomate you can customize it for your usage.

If you need an extra person in your video chat just add a new cell in the layout and allot it for him.

And after all KTS Infomate is a power packed signage tool too. So when purchasing Infomate you are actually getting a Strong signage /Digital notice board software, a CCTV Monitoring system, a communication tool and lot more.

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