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The Basic 7 Steps which will get you started with the InfoMate Free Edition are Given Below.

1.Install InfoMate Free Edition Editor on the machine in which you want to create/develop the Slideshow.

2. Open The InfoMate Slideshow Editor

3. Add Slideshow Images and the Optional Header and Footer of the Slideshow

4. Preview the slideshow and make sure it is displaying correctly

5. Export the Slideshow to Pen drive or the Root drive area of your your Hard Disk (if you want to play from the same computer).

6. Install InfoMate Free Edition with Player option Ckecked on another computer or the computer in which you want to display the Slideshow.

7. Insert the Pen Drive in the Machine In which you installed the InfoMate Free Edition Player.

8. You can now see the InfoMate Player Displaying the Sideshow Contents

Watch the YouTube Video On How to Install and Configure InfoMate free Edition From the Link Below 

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