KTS InfoMate : Digital Signage Solutions for Banking Sector

Banks  are changing their face from the conventional modes. As part of face-lifting banks are switching to new generation styles like implementing core banking system and other hi-tech devices.

Why InfoMate in banks:

i.Enhance the customer experience:

Improve the banking experience and communicate effectively with customers.Display advertisments and live television feeds for customers during business hours.

ii.Displays in reception:

Place a signage device in the reception.Display various information regarding the bank.


Display interest rates , offers , Current exchange rates etc.

iv.Message passing between branches:

Use KTS Infomate digital signage software can also be used as a video conferencing tool which allow bank authorities to communicate from remotely located branches or communicate with customers  effectively.

v. Easy to Use Content management system and Mobile application:

A network admin need not to be in the local branch so as to configure the Digital Signage Contents using KTS InfoMate. Any one from a remotely located PC or even from a smart phone can easily configure the content to be displayed.

 vi.Communicate with employees :

If the bank in network wants to inform its employees on new products and services on a weekly or monthly basis.

vii. Token system:

Display token with voice alert to Bank customers in various counters using KTS InfoMate Digital Signage Software , there by saving time and human resource.

So, try installing KTS Infomate and just enhance your banking experience for customers
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